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The Workbench On-Line was developed as an upgrade from the previous centralized Windows-Based System Application, Dynamic WorkBench. The latest Workbench On-Line was designed, developed and created by Ashyura bin Ismail for usage ONLY by SIDMA Kuching, UNITAR Sarawak Regional Centre.

Easy and managable housekeeping for faster automation forms and system usage by both Staff and Administrators.

Centralized settings with more configuration options for system user with Administrator privileges.

Centralized, managable and editable staff record by both Administrators and Staff. Plus additional  feature : Performance Appraisal Report.

Now with new online leave application. Staff can apply leave directly through the web and check their leave status or record, anytime, anywhere.

More additional staff movement controls with direct email messaging.

Viewable and printable web based report generating.

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